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1-Medical-Legal Examinations (IME, QME & AME):

These types of examinations are often conducted in legal cases to assess a person's medical condition, injuries, and disabilities. IME stands for Independent Medical Examination, QME for Qualified Medical Examination, and AME for Agreed Medical Examination. These evaluations are typically used to determine the medical aspects of legal cases, such as personal injury claims, workers' compensation cases, and more.

2-Peer Reviews: Peer reviews involve the evaluation of medical records and information by qualified medical professionals to assess the quality of care provided and the medical necessity of treatments. These reviews can be used in legal proceedings to establish the appropriateness of medical treatment.

3-Record Reviews: This likely involves the careful review and analysis of medical records, documents, and related information to provide expert insights into medical cases. Record reviews are often utilized in legal settings to understand the medical history and context of an individual's condition.

4-Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE): FCEs are assessments conducted to determine an individual's physical abilities, limitations, and overall functional capacity. These evaluations are commonly used in disability claims and legal cases involving physical impairments.

5-Expert Witness Testimony:

Prime Medical Evaluators may provide qualified healthcare professionals to serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings. These experts can offer their professional opinions and insights on medical matters to help judges and juries understand complex medical issues.

6-Subsequent Injuries Benefit Trust Fund (SIBTF) Eligibility Determinations:

SIBTF is a program designed to provide additional compensation to workers who have suffered a subsequent injury on top of a pre-existing one. Our experts may assist in determining eligibility for benefits under this program based on medical evaluations and expert assessments.


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