DWC Emergency Regulation For Medical Legal Reporting In Response To COVID -19 Are In Effect Through 3/12/2

Posted on January 8, 2022 | by


The Division of Workers’ Compensation(DWC) announces its emergency regulations 36.7 and 46.2 for medical-legal evaluations, which became effective on May 14, 2020, will expire on March 12, 2021. The expiration date is in accordance with Executive Orders N-40-20 and N-66-20.

There are two possible 210-day extensions if those Executive Orders remain in effect. The emergency regulations can be found on theDWC website .

These emergency regulations help injured workers and employers continue to move their workers’ compensation claims toward a resolution and avoid additional and undue delay.The regulations address how medical-legal evaluations may proceed during this emergency period. The regulations also provide alternative forms of service for required forms related to medical-legal evaluations and reports.

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